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Hormones During Pregnancy - What To Expect

The role of hormones play an important role in the process during pregnancy and childbirth. The main source of these hormones in relation to a pregnancy resulting from ovarian cancer at an early stage, and then to the placenta when it comes down to about 12 weeks. Hormones are vital because they dictate how the fetus grows rapidly, and is solely responsible for the changes you'll spend in your breasts and body. They are also responsible for ensuring that your work will take place at the right time.

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy experienced a high HCG is also known as "chorionic Conadotrophin", which is responsible for mood changes, the dreaded nausea, fatigue and vomiting.

Later stages of pregnancy can present a variety of conflicting emotions, these emotions ranging from joy to depression and contexts. It 'important to understand that these feelings are completely natural and down the mind and body adapt to the current situation and the realization that life is becoming very different. Feelings of confidence about their ability to mother, or the impact that a new baby can bring your relationship with your husband or partner, is also considered normal. You can also find themselves suffering from a significant mood changes, which can cause friction among pregnant women and their partners.

It is interesting to note symptoms during early pregnancy and set aside some time with you and your partner to discuss these scenarios and more importantly, what causes it. His irritability and anxiety is mostly the result of hormonal changes in your body and mood swings and arguments are not a personal attack on one person, but are the result of changes in your body.

Given their emotions will be very up and down during pregnancy is important not to dwell on arguments with your spouse or partner, but to focus and make excuses. If you feel yourself getting tense take some time to practice relaxation techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. Deep breathing exercises are also a great source of relaxation that can help you deal with your current emotional state.

Pregnancy Gender Predictor

Using the morning when the baby is fine, Gender Predictor.

Women who have bad morning sickness during pregnancy are more likely to be girls than boys. This proved to be the case, researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Study, women who were pregnant, had found that women suffer from severe morning sickness by 44 percent became pregnant compared with 56 percent of boys, girls who became pregnant.

The study showed that women with girls have higher levels of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, this can cause morning sickness.

Smoking as a Predictor Baby Gender

There was a study in Scandinavia, which looked at parents who smoke. The study found that if the pair of smoke would lower their chances of conceiving a boy.

It was discovered that the male sperm (Y) are more sensitive when introduced into an environment that sperm smoking girl (X).

Using the physical properties such as Predictor Baby Gender

A study was conducted at the University of Liverpool, looked at the length of two fingers! It was found that couples who have two long fingers rings have a greater chance of having a boy. The ring length is an indication that there is a higher testosterone levels than average.

Another study in New Zealand at Auckland University found that women are more likely to conceive a child authoritarian (80 percent). Assertive women have high levels of testosterone.

Baby Gender Predictor family situation

A study by the National Bureau US Economic Research found that couples who live together or get married before conception were slightly more likely to conceive a boy than those who did not.

A theory that semen may be male (Y) are not as noisy as (Y) sperm women. The man's sperm needs more food and care for the pregnancy to survive. Therefore, a strong woman in a relationship can be better prepared to care for her eldest son during pregnancy.

Baby Gender Predictor career

Carried out research at the London School of Economics found that women more "masculine" jobs, such as the design was more likely to get pregnant while women are more child care, or "female" careers such as nursing or teaching, were more likely to conceive a girl.

Folk Lore theory Predictor Baby Gender

There are some mathematical theories according to folklore. The most popular combination of maternal age when conception took place with the number of months (for example, is May 5 for the fifth month) that he designed.

If the number is even, then the baby is a boy, all indications point to a strange girl.

The Old Wives' Tales as a Predictor Baby Gender

There are so many old wives tales out there. Here are some: more likey to be carrying a boy if the child is craving protein or low salt foods, have dry skin and be more prone to headaches.

On the other hand, women are more likely to be carrying a girl if they are looking for sweet foods, wear high, as with mood swings, have dull hair during pregnancy.

For more information on a gender test baby and to help you choose the sex of your baby visit my baby's gender perspective and to visit my Mom blogs blog

Of course, I almost forgot the good old hair test Predictor Baby Gender

The hair test is a very old wive tale (single). A wedding ring should be tied to a chain of hair of his mother, then hanging over his hump.

So if the ring of circles, it indicates that women bear a boy. As if it swings from left to right, this indicates that the woman is a girl.

Pregnancy Due Date

The due date calculators are generally accurate within 7 days. Typically, most carriers do not regulate the expiration dates in both directions, if the difference between the two possible dates of less than 7 days. It is also true of the early ultrasound.

There are generally two ways to measure pregnancy, LMP (last menstrual period) and gestational age. Most due date calculators go LMP, which calculates a pregnancy of 40 weeks or 10 months (4 weeks) per month.

LMP means that ovulation has taken place in its second week of gestation (day 14). Gestational starts from the date of ovulation resulting in pregnancy of 38 weeks. So if you know the date of ovulation, you can work out where either LMP or gestational.

Ultrasound technology can give you a strange time because they can not use any of them, they sometimes take the speed of development and change the date based on where their child is away. The doctor may even move the due date on this basis, even if you do not absolutely know when the baby was conceived!

Children are so many possible dimensions change during pregnancy, and so most of them are of a certain size at some point in pregnancy. Later during pregnancy is more individual variation among infants, and so is less accurate estimate of the size and date. However, for example, almost all children are 2 inches to 13 weeks (LMP), and each a little 'bigger than themselves, should be tacked on an extra day and an ultrasound evaluation.

The solution is to calculate the due date then, fewer complications, but be ready to go early evening set. Many people have put their heart into adulthood and are ready to date and nothing happens. To be quite annoying.

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Pregnancy Advice

10 things to do when you are pregnant, are not the hardcore stuff scientific, simple things to remember in the early weeks when everything changes in a short time, you probably remember these without any problems.

1. Eating well and eating right - how much you eat has a major impact on child health.

2. Get enough rest - sleep can help you get enough energy. However, there may be times during pregnancy, where you can not sleep well, because the activity of the baby inside the womb. And 'quite normal and would stop in a matter of time.

3. Law of exercise - swimming, simple aerobics, and yoga three pregnancies are most common activities you can do. Ask your doctor about what exercise is best for you and the right way and time to do.

4. Understand what is happening - Knowing what to expect can prepare you for things that happen for the full nine months. If you feel something, to find out why. This avoids the risk of danger during pregnancy.

5. prenatal care - A regular visit to your obstetrician / gynecologists or OB / GYN will help you know the pregnancy responsible.

6. Take nutrition and supplements - Pregnant women need a certain amount of calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, vitamins (A, D, E, B6, B12 and C), thiamin, niacin and riboflavin. Ask your doctor about the dosage you should take.

7. Folic acid (folate) - Taking folic acid 1 month before pregnancy until the first trimester of pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube defects.

8. Fluids - Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, can help prevent dehydration.

9. Expect changes - As there is a huge hormonal changes taking place in your body, you can expect and be prepared for the physical and emotional changes of physical complaints such as nausea and vomiting, heartburn, sore headache, fatigue, weakness, constipation, urgency, urinary tract infection, frequent urination, increased vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids, breast swelling, varicose veins, backaches and leg cramps, among other .

10. Ask about pregnancy - There are books and articles of pregnancy, you can read to learn more about pregnancy and healthy things and expect changes in the next 9 months.

Preeclampsia in Pregnancy

Preeclampsia is a condition in which a pregnant woman has high blood pressure and high levels of protein in the urine. Pre-eclampsia affects only pregnant women and their fetuses after the twentieth week of pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia can develop into eclampsia, a condition where the mother would have seized. Although rare, other complications for the mother include stroke, liver failure, bleeding problems, and premature separation of the placenta from the uterus before birth.

The only cure for preeclampsia is delivery.

It is common for women who are diagnosed with preeclampsia do not feel like something is wrong. Some symptoms of preeclampsia are:

Pain in the abdominal region

Urinating less than usual

Weight gain of more than two pounds per week

Rapid weight gain in a few days

Persistent headache beat deaf

Nausea and vomiting

Vision problems

Women with previous preeclampsia are at higher risk for more severe versions of the state of subsequent pregnancies.

Risk factors for preeclampsia include obesity, age over 35 years, and previous kidney disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. Women who are pregnant for the first time, or that make more than one child at a time, are more prone to preeclampsia.

Although there is no known cause of preeclampsia, experts estimate that the possible causes include diet, genes, blood vessel problems, and autoimmune diseases.

Here are the main information of pre-eclampsia, if you think you might be suffering from preeclampsia: the prognosis of preeclampsia is often good. The effects of pre-eclampsia often spreads within six weeks after birth.

However, if untreated, preeclampsia can be fatal to both mother and child. Maternal mortality is rare in the U.S. chances the child is directly related to the severity of the disease and how the child was born prematurely.

Since moms are driving ordinary doctors, preeclampsia often spotted with a lot of time and treated with bed rest, reduced salt intake, drink plenty of water and take medication to lower blood pressure.

Precautions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time to wait for someone in this world to give pleasure. In this very dark or boring. Always remember that you are the darker the negative impact is to impose your baby. It is therefore advisable for all the things that keep you smiling all the time. Never take the steps they can take to decide in case of disaster.

During pregnancy, do not travel down the wrong path. You must be careful with what you eat when you are away. Never take anything for your heart. Take this food is well cooked. Even by drinking to be careful. If possible, drink boiled water. Boiled water can keep you safe while you are away.

Never take a prescription drug without a doctor. If you can not find a doctor, you should consult with family half woman do when their illness. Never has the supply of drugs not included in the recipe. Always keep in mind that any medication can cause miscarriage.

You do not want to breathe the gas, or smoke during pregnancy. It 'also a good idea to avoid things that are accustomed to embellish snacks. Artificial sweeteners can cause damage enough for you. You might want to ask the doctor what he would take during pregnancy. Without prescription never take a bite of food. Even taking this medicine, ask your doctor for the death of the drug. Discuss with him / her to develop a certain way, what other medications you are taking on a daily basis. Never hide anything from your doctor.

Try to avoid any kind of vaccine during pregnancy. When prompted, tell everything about your pregnancy. If there is a season of a sort never take a flu shot without consulting your doctor that you visit. If necessary, you can take a certificate from your doctor that you are pregnant.

Try to avoid smoking and taking alcohol. It could be groped, but remember that they are fatal for the child that you will cherish for a long time carefully.

Planning For Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy includes the preparation of uncomplicated design. A woman needs to know whether or not it is healthy to have a baby. An unwanted pregnancy can be very worrying for the mother and child. Sometimes it can be fatal if taken in too easily.

Why plan a pregnancy?

This is a crucial issue that must be satisfactorily resolved. Help design rational:

· Design easy

• Avoid complications or health problems

• Is this a normal healthy child

· Prevention serious problems in the world of work

• Provide child easily

· Recover quickly after birth

• Is balanced body systems after birth

· Reduce the risk of poor health as a child needs to grow

The advantages are obvious, so why not plan ahead.

When the plan?

Experts have slightly varied views on the precise moment when a woman or couple should start making plans to have a baby. Most have followed the guideline is to make the necessary arrangements and changes in lifestyle or health at least one to three months before the woman conceives.

Regime change

For these mothers, who take a diet deficient in essential nutrients of all we must add immediately to regular meals. Consultation with a nutritionist may be helpful. Get a card that is the ideal diet according to your specific nutritional needs.

Folic Acid

It is of paramount importance. Make sure it is taken in the recommended amount. It is naturally by iron-rich foods or supplements. Take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. Various studies have shown that it reduces the risk of birth defects, such as, neural tube defects.

Avoid alcohol

Nothing can be more damaging to health during pregnancy as alcohol and other intoxicants. Abortions are common in women addicts. In addition, the child may be mentally retarded to other malformations, which are irreversible and untreatable.

Stop smoking

People who smoke should stop this abhorrent practice. However, it is likely that births occur to mothers smoking. Baby with low birth weight is another problem that can be the result of taking snuff. There is a greater likelihood of sudden death in children born to women who also smoke. Abortions also occur in these mothers. In addition, passive smoking is harmful. Carbon monoxide in cigarettes baby deprived of oxygen long enough you need to breathe.


Talk to an experienced doctor if you take one of these:

* P-pills

· Drugs for epilepsy

· Drugs against acne high

Cancer treatment with drugs

· Tetracycline

• Anti-thyroid drugs

Also, if you or any other medicines, high power, it is best to confirm a physician about its effects on pregnancy.


Avoid emotional and psychological problems. Get enough rest and develop skills in stress management. Take relaxation therapies can work on a large scale.

Keep your environment clean, fresh and pollution free. Breathe in the air with chemical particles can be dangerous for the baby and the mother and sensitive.

Good plan to have a smooth pregnancy and safe, which is certainly a life changing experience for every woman.