Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pregnancy Gender Predictor

Using the morning when the baby is fine, Gender Predictor.

Women who have bad morning sickness during pregnancy are more likely to be girls than boys. This proved to be the case, researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Study, women who were pregnant, had found that women suffer from severe morning sickness by 44 percent became pregnant compared with 56 percent of boys, girls who became pregnant.

The study showed that women with girls have higher levels of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, this can cause morning sickness.

Smoking as a Predictor Baby Gender

There was a study in Scandinavia, which looked at parents who smoke. The study found that if the pair of smoke would lower their chances of conceiving a boy.

It was discovered that the male sperm (Y) are more sensitive when introduced into an environment that sperm smoking girl (X).

Using the physical properties such as Predictor Baby Gender

A study was conducted at the University of Liverpool, looked at the length of two fingers! It was found that couples who have two long fingers rings have a greater chance of having a boy. The ring length is an indication that there is a higher testosterone levels than average.

Another study in New Zealand at Auckland University found that women are more likely to conceive a child authoritarian (80 percent). Assertive women have high levels of testosterone.

Baby Gender Predictor family situation

A study by the National Bureau US Economic Research found that couples who live together or get married before conception were slightly more likely to conceive a boy than those who did not.

A theory that semen may be male (Y) are not as noisy as (Y) sperm women. The man's sperm needs more food and care for the pregnancy to survive. Therefore, a strong woman in a relationship can be better prepared to care for her eldest son during pregnancy.

Baby Gender Predictor career

Carried out research at the London School of Economics found that women more "masculine" jobs, such as the design was more likely to get pregnant while women are more child care, or "female" careers such as nursing or teaching, were more likely to conceive a girl.

Folk Lore theory Predictor Baby Gender

There are some mathematical theories according to folklore. The most popular combination of maternal age when conception took place with the number of months (for example, is May 5 for the fifth month) that he designed.

If the number is even, then the baby is a boy, all indications point to a strange girl.

The Old Wives' Tales as a Predictor Baby Gender

There are so many old wives tales out there. Here are some: more likey to be carrying a boy if the child is craving protein or low salt foods, have dry skin and be more prone to headaches.

On the other hand, women are more likely to be carrying a girl if they are looking for sweet foods, wear high, as with mood swings, have dull hair during pregnancy.

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Of course, I almost forgot the good old hair test Predictor Baby Gender

The hair test is a very old wive tale (single). A wedding ring should be tied to a chain of hair of his mother, then hanging over his hump.

So if the ring of circles, it indicates that women bear a boy. As if it swings from left to right, this indicates that the woman is a girl.