Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Planning For Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy includes the preparation of uncomplicated design. A woman needs to know whether or not it is healthy to have a baby. An unwanted pregnancy can be very worrying for the mother and child. Sometimes it can be fatal if taken in too easily.

Why plan a pregnancy?

This is a crucial issue that must be satisfactorily resolved. Help design rational:

· Design easy

• Avoid complications or health problems

• Is this a normal healthy child

· Prevention serious problems in the world of work

• Provide child easily

· Recover quickly after birth

• Is balanced body systems after birth

· Reduce the risk of poor health as a child needs to grow

The advantages are obvious, so why not plan ahead.

When the plan?

Experts have slightly varied views on the precise moment when a woman or couple should start making plans to have a baby. Most have followed the guideline is to make the necessary arrangements and changes in lifestyle or health at least one to three months before the woman conceives.

Regime change

For these mothers, who take a diet deficient in essential nutrients of all we must add immediately to regular meals. Consultation with a nutritionist may be helpful. Get a card that is the ideal diet according to your specific nutritional needs.

Folic Acid

It is of paramount importance. Make sure it is taken in the recommended amount. It is naturally by iron-rich foods or supplements. Take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. Various studies have shown that it reduces the risk of birth defects, such as, neural tube defects.

Avoid alcohol

Nothing can be more damaging to health during pregnancy as alcohol and other intoxicants. Abortions are common in women addicts. In addition, the child may be mentally retarded to other malformations, which are irreversible and untreatable.

Stop smoking

People who smoke should stop this abhorrent practice. However, it is likely that births occur to mothers smoking. Baby with low birth weight is another problem that can be the result of taking snuff. There is a greater likelihood of sudden death in children born to women who also smoke. Abortions also occur in these mothers. In addition, passive smoking is harmful. Carbon monoxide in cigarettes baby deprived of oxygen long enough you need to breathe.


Talk to an experienced doctor if you take one of these:

* P-pills

· Drugs for epilepsy

· Drugs against acne high

Cancer treatment with drugs

· Tetracycline

• Anti-thyroid drugs

Also, if you or any other medicines, high power, it is best to confirm a physician about its effects on pregnancy.


Avoid emotional and psychological problems. Get enough rest and develop skills in stress management. Take relaxation therapies can work on a large scale.

Keep your environment clean, fresh and pollution free. Breathe in the air with chemical particles can be dangerous for the baby and the mother and sensitive.

Good plan to have a smooth pregnancy and safe, which is certainly a life changing experience for every woman.