Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tips For The Care Of The Nipples And Breast in Pregnancy

The size and shape of the breast and nipples changes in pregnancy, so special attention is needed at a time. Sometimes unusual things also happen leak milk, oily discharge from the nipples, etc. Here in this article, you will find helpful tips on the breast and nipples care in pregnancy and lactation.

1. Oily discharge from the nipples - Sometimes you have oily discharge from the nipples in pregnancy and after childbirth for a few days. Around the areola and breasts are small glands (called Montgomery's tubercles), which secrete small amounts of fatty material that kills bacteria on the skin in this area. Oily material is also useful to keep the nipples soft. Do not wash nipples with soap to clean fatty material, otherwise there is the possibility that the nipples may become sore when the baby is breast-feed them. All this has to do is resistant to your nipples with plain water to clean.

2. Flat or inverted nipples - If your nipples are flat or inverted, it is recommended to press the areola between the thumb and finger to stimulate the nipple stand out. If the nipple more, the baby will not have trouble feeding. During pregnancy, the shape of the nipple may be wrong, but improves as pregnancy progresses. It is due to the effect of hormones during pregnancy. Do not apply ointment or cream on your nipples. Clean your nipples with water splashing on them. Do not attempt to remove all the secretions, as they are protective and prevent infection.

3. Loss of breast milk - breast milk oozing is common during the first weeks after birth. This means that the box is full and the mother is ready to breastfeed her child. Keep a soft cloth or a handkerchief or a piece of soft cloth or buffer against the nipple to the bra cup. This prevents the milk and soak up the blouse, bra, and a sheet to get spoiled. Make sure you change this pad is very often prevents nipples to remain wet. Otherwise, they should be sore. Try to keep your nipples dry and clean. The secretion of milk may be interrupted by pressing the palm of your hand against the nipple of the breast for about a minute. If the milk is dripping from the other breast while feeding the baby, leaving her breasts exposed and let the handkerchief drop of milk or a clear bag.