Saturday, September 3, 2011

Second Pregnancy - Differences To Expect

Pregnant with second child? You think that your pregnancy will be the same as last time?

Think again. Most women experience emotional and physical differences that make the second pregnancy, a new football game. Here's what you can expect:

– You must be tired. In the first pregnancy, you could put your feet up. Now you have a toddler potty training. One of the biggest differences is that this time the second pregnancy to treat a small child. Enter the house to fetch his father is the tyke. Discuss how you can share parents' family grows.

– You care for the older child. Most pregnant women are afraid of losing another child the closeness of their first child. These are stories of sibling rivalry can make you feel guilty even for a second child. When a small effort, but you can stay close to your firstborn. And remember, a brother is usually a blessing not a curse.

– Show that before. Pause as maternity wardrobe! A woman pregnant with her second child is expected to show a month earlier, the first time. You may be ready for the long stretch pants before the second quarter.

– You will not admit it. Skip the guilt. Pregnancy magazines are for beginners. Be less interested in your second pregnancy is natural. This is not an indication of how much you love your second child.

– You will feel movement earlier. A mother expecting her second child, usually feel your baby move in four months, compared to five for a woman pregnant for the first time. Wait to get in earlier with the child.

– You worry about handling both. Rest assured that you will handle the challenges ahead. The toddler tantrums now also exceed them. But do take the number of baby-sitter with muscles.

– You can hog the bathroom. Do not be surprised if you urinate more often now. You'll bring your second child unless you have made your first time, resulting in pressure on your bladder and possibly back pain. Make extra pit-stop on this tour.

– You will deliver quickly. One of the best second pregnancy differences is that the labor and delivery is shorter this time. So do not dwell on the way to the hospital. Tell Dad to step on the gas!