Sunday, September 4, 2011

Depression During Pregnancy

It seems that people increasingly talk about postpartum depression, but depression during pregnancy is not commonly discussed. An estimated 10% of pregnant women suffer from depression.

Of course, we all know that our hormones rage during pregnancy, and we and those around us may decide that our mood swings and crying easily, perhaps due to hormones. This may be true, but never leave serious "down" feelings pass without discussion. Discuss with your partner or talk to your doctor and do not let these things go.

Risk factors for depression during pregnancy:

- If you have a family history of depression

- If you have experienced an abortion

- If you've had fertility treatments

- If you have experienced stressful life events

Possible symptoms of depression:

- Ongoing feelings of sadness

- Insomnia

- Constant tiredness

- Not interested in things you previously

- Thoughts of causing you or others

Again, the above symptoms can be a normal part of pregnancy, but if you feel overwhelming sadness or helplessness, it could be an indication of something more serious, and you can talk to your doctor.

To prevent depression or to treat mild depression:

- Discuss with your partner and / or medical

- Exercise regularly with your doctor's instructions

- Eat healthy

- Relax as much as possible - get help from family or simply to provide some daily activities of the slide

Remember that your health and your baby is most important right now.