Monday, September 5, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams - Find Out How You Can See If They Are Prophetic Nightmare

It happened unexpectedly, the only time they were alone. Usually the guard beside her father had left home a pleasure trip for a breath of fresh air quickly. On departure, the water breaks and moments after going to work. You cry for help but his cries for help are overwhelmed by cars and buses are whistling the window of his room. Fortunately, you manage to reach the telephone to call 911 and are blessed with the relief of knowing that help is finally underway. However, the time required for the arrival of the emergency seems to be years. The child waits inside is not known better. Regardless of how you feel pain, which began to grow anxious urgency to make his debut in the world.

A new phase begins, and is lying on a hospital bed surrounded by a group of strangers dressed in white and blue. The man on the composition of the hands of strangers and crying baby. He pronounces the words: "This is for the child." You can look at the child and become frightened when they see it. "This can not be me" is the one that screams when the doctor pushed a deformed baby back to him must be dismissed.

Tears start making balls of various routes of your eyes directly on your face as you lie in bed for lamentations. For fear of what life will be living with and raising a child with a disability, you idiot wakes a voice crying in their own vocal cords. The bed is wet with sweat and nervous, one wonders what kind of nightmare it could be. Are you pregnant? If so, this is a dream like this you say?

After putting the nightmare of the issues under the microscope to determine the required probability of prophecy, is to decipher how to mitigate or prevent his real life results is simple. As you know now, the level of clairvoyance or prophecy trapped in this kind of nightmare is largely dependent on what thoughts cross your mind wander for days or weeks to dream.

If you rarely think you are pregnant, or if the fear of having a deformed baby went through my mind before I dream about it, then you should prepare for a disaster. Assuming that the dream is prophetic, and you become pregnant a few weeks or months later, the following are steps you can take to improve the chances that your baby comes out healthy ... without any idea of ​​a disadvantage.

Although it was already clear to many people, pregnancy is just a few precautions need a pregnant woman to limit drastically the destructive potential of the child's birth.

If you are an avid lover drunk or moderate drinking, which strictly should suspend this preference for the duration of pregnancy. You should make sure during the nine months of pregnancy who do not drink, smoke illegal drugs like marijuana, marijuana, snorted or harmful substances such as cocaine, heroin, etc. The point here is for you not to take things into your body that are against nature, particularly those forbidden by the government. If you decide to succumb to an impulse dangerous during pregnancy are more than willing to try for the rest of his life, the tragedy revealed in his sleep.

All in all, when he visited the nightmarish dreams for their unborn children, for example, panic does nothing. If you can not positively say that sleep is influenced by thoughts you may have had a nightmare, as long as you do not have to worry about. The dream is not prophetic. If on the other hand, a nightmare of conspiracy does not allude in your mind, as you can remember, so caution is the word that you remember. Please visit as often as the doctors suggest, and to refrain from irresponsible acts.