Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Reasons You Should Get A 3D Or 4D Pregnancy Scan

Although baby scans provided by general health services of the government, you can also organize private baby scans provide greater depth of information about your baby before birth. A 4D scan is a type of analysis carried out with ultrasound, resulting in 4D images and videos of your unborn child. This article covers five reasons why you should have a 4D study during pregnancy.

1. More information about an anomaly - if you have been informed of an abnormality with her unborn child, a 3D or 4D scan may be able to visually show in more detail. They are particularly useful in the diagnosis of cleft lip, as the captured images are very clear through technology.

2nd Get a clear picture of your child's face - a 4D scan can give a series of images that can show your child's face, brighter than you would in a standard 2D image. With that, it says that you can start connecting with your baby before you can see them clearly with all their characteristics.

Consult your third baby move - because a 4D scanner collects a series of vivid images, you can watch your baby as he / she moves. You can see it scratching the nose, playing with his mouth, and sometimes yawning. All these actions are very clear and can be observed through high-quality color images.

4th 3D scans can be used to examine internal organs - 3D scans are very useful in the analysis of the internal organs of the baby, if you are concerned about the health and growth of your baby or you have been informed by an anomaly and that you want to study further.

Fifth take home a photo or video - with the 4D and 3D scans, you can take a memory of the unborn child. This is especially nice if the analysis was given to you as a gift you and your partner can keep the photo or video and compare it with the child when he was truly born.